Top 5 Online Personal Finance Resources

What is Personal Finance?

Personal Finance is a subject that has been receiving more attention in recent times. It primarily deals with managing money at an individual level. It is starkly different from Portfolio Management, Wealth Management etc. Personal Financial management is very important to ensure a sound financial health. Managing money requires a great deal discipline and patience. Personal Finance deals with a variety of investment goals like buying a house, retirement planning, planning for vacations abroad, children’s education and marriage etc. Hence personal financial management has more to do with planning and saving for achieving certain investment goals.

Systematic Investments, timely savings, sound debt management, adequate insurance etc are some hallmarks of good personal financial management. Avoiding expenses is another great skill which deserves special attention while dealing with this topic. Other aspects of money management like portfolio management, asset allocation, credit cards etc are highly linked to the area of personal financial management. Please read on to check out the top five online resources on personal finance.

Top 5 Online Resources On Personal Finance

a) Get Rich slowly is a popular website on personal financial management. There are several thought provoking articles provided from a US/ International perspective. Articles deal with several topics like saving, investing, reducing expenses, frugal living etc. Browsing articles on this website is sure to trigger an interest in saving and investment. Popular options like equities, bonds, mutual funds, bank deposits etc are elaborated in various sections of the website.

b) Kiplinger is a famous company providing newsletters and business forecasts to investors for many decades now. Many popular newsletters on personal finance and newsletters published by Kiplinger are available only through subscription. However, most popular articles are published on the and featured by many websites like CNN Money, Forbes, Yahoo etc.

c) Wise Bread is a well known personal finance blog which was built by a community of dedicated bloggers. There are articles covering various aspects of personal financial management such as Investing, Insurance, Real Estate, Retirement etc featured on the blog. They have a good section on frugal living which helps people understand the importance of limiting expenses and achieving their financial goals with ease.

Life Without Debt.  Get help from a trusted debt expert.d) Money Crashers is another well known financial blog with great articles and sources on personal financial management. Articles dealing with various aspects like money management, debt management,student loan management, Investing etc are provided in the blog. They are also famous for their 11 principles of personal finance and money management.

e) This is a great website providing creative content for personal financial management and frugal living. This website aims to help people manage their debt efficiently and promote the positive aspects of discipline and living with in your means. Aspects related to insurance and personal finance are also given due attention.

Apart from the above top five sources, there are plenty of other sources which help investors. Some of the popular ones are Free Money Finance, Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, Subramoney (Indian perspective), etc.

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