Top 5 Tips for Successful Employee Recruiting


Finding the best employees for your business is a difficult challenge. It’s a balance game of reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates and having a certain sixth sense for picking out the right person who will create a positive work environment and yet work well with others. As any good business person will tell you, having the right team is paramount to the success of a business. With that in mind, we give you our top five tips for better recruiting.

1)      Use recruiting software

Recruiting management software can make all the difference in your HR department’s level of efficiency when looking for new staff members. Good software will do the bulk of the job for you – from helping you advertise jobs on the right channels, streamlining applicant tracking and making it easy for you and your team to make decisions. Resumes will be uploaded directly to the software and the applicants will be easy to screen and discuss with fellow co-workers, all in one place! Say goodbye to piles of resumes sitting on the corner of your desk.

2)      Be known as a great employer

The best work places will get the most interest from the best pool of applicants. If people know that you are a wonderful employer and offer a great work environment, they will be keen on applying to your company. Your employees should be bragging about your organization being a great workplace, and those who receive the word-of-mouth will believe it far more than what’s read on corporate literature. Think about it – everyone wants to work at Google for their amazing treatment of employees. You’re not Google, but you can certainly make your employees happy with other benefits or through motivation, rewards, recognition and more.

3)      Use social media to your advantage

Social profiles can help you learn a lot about an applicant, from their personality to their background. You want to avoid a difficult situation, like realizing that an applicant has presented himself one way in the interview, but mostly behaves in a completely different way that is not compatible with your company’s culture.

4)      Social functions can do wonders

Recently, there was a small hi-tech company that organized a party to announce openings in the company. Interested applicants were invited to the party, as well as friends and anyone interested in attending. Social events like these are a fun way to get to know applicants and how they flow with your team. It’s a less unnerving social situation than a one-on-one interview and also allows for further networking. You never know what connections guests may have!

5)      Check references

In today’s day and age of speedy results, it’s easy to forget about the most important aspect: checking your applicant’s references.  These types of background checks are incredibly important. You should feel secure in your decision and assured that the person you are considering hiring will contribute positively to the position, has no past transgressions, or could endanger your current workforce.

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