Top Tech For Your Home That Will Help On A Rainy Day

Rainy days are no one’s idea of fun. You wake up early in the morning to a miserable view through the window and then forced outside into the cold. Meanwhile your home is bombarded with little droplets of acidic and muddy water, making everything look grubby (so much for ‘rain makes everything beautiful’) and potentially causing leaks and other problems.

Rainy days are a perfect example of the kind of problem that should be solvable with technology. And the good news? To a large extent this problem is solvable. With the right technology installed around your home you can almost trick yourself into thinking it’s summer while keeping your home toasty and secure. Read on and we’ll take a look at some of the best home technology for a rainy day…

Daylight Lamps

If you’re like me, then waking up in the morning to see grey skies and heavy rain will be a sure way to get things off on the wrong foot and will often be enough to encourage you to just roll over and fall back to sleep.

For some people this is a serious problem that can lead to depression and anxiety for half the year. Thus there is a solution called the ‘daylight lamp’, which works by creating a similar wavelength to the light from the sun and by getting gradually brighter in the morning as though you were waking up outdoors. This is a fantastic way to trick your brain into thinking that it’s summer, and can help those of us who are a little slower in the morning to get started full of energy.

Sky Factory Escape

Of course this will only fool you for so long – as soon as you draw back the curtains you’ll quickly be reminded that it’s actually horribly rainy outside. Unless you use the eScape LCD virtual window that is – which is essentially a ‘fake’ window that you attach to your wall to enjoy any view you like – complete with more ‘natural’ feeling light. So if you want to imagine you’re out in a beautiful park then you can, and if you want to imagine you’re at the beach… well you can again!

Sound Oasis Deluxe

It takes more than just the view of the outdoors to convince us we’re somewhere else though – we also need the sounds to go with it. This is where the Sound Oasis Deluxe comes in, allowing us to recreate the sounds of the beach or a sunny day out in the park.

Smell Generator SMX 1

And to top it all off, how about the smell of a summer’s breeze out in a field somewhere? Thanks to the smell generator SMX 1 you can create just that. Turn up the heat and your brain will have no reason to suspect that you’re now not on holiday in a sunny villa…

Nano Tech Windows

While this isn’t widely available, nano technology can be used on windows (in the glass itself or as a coating) in order to prevent rain from leaving any marks. Seeing these in action can be quite impressive – especially when people throw entire buckets of muddy water across the glass and it remains completely pristine!

If you don’t fancy investing in nanotechnology however, then you’ll find that there are many other coatings you can get for your windows and doors that will have a similar effect and which can also improve the view by altering the wavelength of the light coming in.

Sony Xperia Z Phone

This isn’t so much a gadget for your home as much as one you can keep and use around the home – like any smartphone. What makes this the ideal gadget for a rainy day though? Well that would be the fact that it’s completely water resistant – that’s right, you can make calls outside in the garden, get completely drenched, and have no reason to worry! If you want a tablet to go with that bad boy, then you can get the Xperia Z Tablet too for Angry Birds in the bath!

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