Top Tips For A Successful Online Portfolio

If you are a creative freelancer like a graphic designer or an illustrator it is important that you pay attention to your online portfolio. A great portfolio that is available online will make you stand out and provide you with a cutting edge against other freelancers.

Many freelance sites offer good online portfolio options and here are a few essential tips on how to make sure yours is among the best ones.

Show off your skills and personality

The main idea is of course to make the portfolio properly highlight your skills. It is very important that your portfolio will quickly show the field of work that you want to be hired in. This means that you need to develop yourself a niche area. This will make sure that you can develop your skills in this field and thus you face less competition than if you try to cover multiple different areas.

You need to show that you have versatility and ability to take on different types of tasks. Added to this you need to make sure that your online portfolio shows of your personality as well. This will make the portfolio seem more personal and thus attract customers. Make sure you don’t over do this; sometimes too much personality might make potential customers go the other way.

Make a clean and simple portfolio

The saying ‘less is more’ is very relevant to a successful online portfolio. If you have a lot of work to show in your portfolio, rather than including all of it try to make sure you just display the best of your work. This will make it easier for the potential customers to see your skills quickly and is easier in showing off the niche area.

If you still feel like you have a lot of content then try adding specific categories to make the portfolio easier to navigate in. Always include your newest work in the portfolio.

Tell about your work

FreelanceAs well as showing off the designing or photography talents in your portfolio you should also briefly describe the work you have done. This includes a short summary of the task, how you achieved the end projects and what sort of skill set was required.

This is something that very often is missing from many online portfolios. Keep this information simple and concise. Go to the point and highlight the skills and achievements. This will make sure that people looking at your work really understand what you were aiming at with your work.

Include contact details

It might seem like an obvious point but it is one that is often executed poorly in many online portfolios. This means that a lot of portfolios either don’t have proper contact details attached or they are too hard to find. You need to add this information so that it is very easy to find.

Make sure that you include all relevant information like phone details, e-mails and addresses. Remember to change these so that you don’t display old information on your online profile. A lot of the above information can be easily displayed through online portfolio at Enthuse for instance.

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