Top Ways to Launch a New Business

As you probably know, it’s incredibly difficult to launch a successful business. Today’s economic landscape poses a particular challenge for entrepreneurs.  So while most business endeavors are destined to flounder in 2013, how can you make yours one of the profitable exceptions?  Unfortunately, there is no set-in-stone answer to that tantalizing question.  Every business is different, and demands a unique approach.  But you can nonetheless improve your odds by learning from those who succeeded in the past.  By adapting these strategies to the demands of your own company, you’ll give your business it’s best shot at becoming the profitable enterprise of your dreams.  Here’s how:

Get the Word Out

Any new business is destined to fail if it isn’t visible.  Before you can impress customers with your amazing products, you first have to find them.  Thus, a well- planned and targeted marketing campaign is a necessity.  Don’t expect to flick on the neon shop sign, launch a website, and wait for customers to start flooding in.  Not only do you need to publicize your business, you also need to make it enticing, market it to the right people, and make sure it is easy to locate.

Create a Buzz

For start-ups and movie stars alike, all press is good press.  Of course, there are limitations to this rule (you don’t want your restaurant making headlines for food poisoning everyone on opening night), but a bit of measured controversy is a huge benefit.  One UK experience website, for example, recently made international news by offering a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway––for three!  Create a marketing strategy that gets people talking.

Be Unique

Successful advertising grabs attention.  We are constantly bombarded by ads in the modern world, and most of us have filters to eliminate the mundane.  Striking, thought provoking, oddball, and hilarious ads are always the most effective.  Check out some examples of Guerilla Marketing online for some great ideas.  Just remember to keep the message in harmony with what you’re selling, otherwise the connection will be lost and the consumer won’t remember your brand.

The Importance of Apt Branding

Speaking of brands, you can never be too meticulous in constructing your business’ public face.  Branding means creating a unique aesthetic, an iconic look, and a niche idea.  Successful brands carve out an imaginative space in the minds of consumers.  Your brand needs to be a new entity, directly tied to your product, but also intangibly bigger than whatever you’re selling.  The name, the look, the style, and the feel of your brand all carry subconscious associations.  It’s important to use test groups and poll as many people as possible when developing your brand identity.

Utilize Tech Tools

Technology provides a powerful tool for businesses today.  Websites allow for inventory-less digital stores, QR codes can help you create pop-up shop fronts and innovative ads, and social media can connect you will a huge network of consumers who can provide both market research data, brand dissemination, and direct sales.  If you aren’t tech savvy, hire someone who is.  In today’s marketplace, it will likely make all the difference.

Launching a new business is stressful, frustrating, and confusing.  For first-time entrepreneurs and seasoned business moguls alike, it is always a learning experience.  But at the end of the day, it is a creative process.  As with all creative projects, it is tremendously satisfying––even when the results aren’t quite what you expected.  Good luck!

About the author: Kirstie works for vouchercloud, a site which delivers customers money saving vouchers from top brands. In her line of work she meets new businesses looking for unique and new ways to generate new business.

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