Traffic Curation Done Right

You’ve heard of content curation, a method of acquiring unique content for your site. Fresh content can lift your website especially if it is written with authority. Traffic curation is also important, but only if it brings you readers that convert to customers. When properly executed the following methods can achieve terrific results.


Perhaps the top social media site for driving traffic to your site is Twitter. Some may argue otherwise, but it typically outperforms the others on a regular basis.

You need to have a Twitter account to drive traffic to your site. Moreover, you also need to have a strong and loyal following, including people that will see your tweet, share it, and head to your site.

Practice makes perfect and with just 140 or fewer characters to work with you don’t have much room for error. You need to learn the finer use of hashtag selection and work on short messages with plenty of pop. Use a URL shortener and, yes, a photo can attract more people to your tweet if used with care.


With more than twice the amount of traffic of Twitter, Facebook should be a larger traffic generator for your website. It may be true for yours, but its benefit may also fall short.

The best way to have Facebook benefit you is to work with a contributor to your site for article placement. You’ll need to add “no follow” links to avoid a problem, but traffic is what you want anyway. Work with someone who has a large Facebook following and have them post a link to your article from their Facebook page. Track the web traffic and Facebook may provide the most hits for the first few days.


Websites that make strong use of photos should use Pinterest to share pictures. Be careful here: a lot of users scrape pictures, so don’t submit anything you fear may be swiped and used elsewhere.

When sharing photos, you’ll want to add Pinterest to your SEO widget. Click on the widget and you’ll immediately be taken to Pinterest where you can load your photos to your account. Carefully place these in the right categories and fill out the captions. Pinterest automatically generates a link that takes people directly to the web page where those photos are featured.


You aren’t using article submission sites to drive traffic to your own site still, are you? The reason this option is no longer a good one is that all you will receive is junk traffic. Sure, you may get referrals, but the quality of those links won’t bring you customers.

You’d be better served by writing your best quality work and submitting these articles to websites with huge traffic followings. These include,, and Find other top quality sites in your niche and read up on the contribution requirements. If no requirement is published, contact the editor directly.

Typically, you’ll receive a boatload of traffic for your accepted article. Most sites won’t compensate you, but the traffic benefit should greatly offset the time you invested.

Traffic Curation

Driving quality traffic to your site takes time and requires a variety of methods. Along with traditional SEO, you can raise your site’s visibility and benefit through increased traffic, converted customers, and improved advertising revenue.

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