Tricks to Create Effective Landing pages

Today I will show you a few tricks to get an effective, well designed and structured Landing Page. First, let’s clarify what is meant by Landing Page .

A Landing Page usually tends to be the page that visitors arrive after clicking on a promotional banner, announcement of Google Adwords, and so on. Ultimately it is a page that should convince visitors to make any concrete action, such as:

  • Enroll in a newsletter or fill out a form
  • The purchase of a product
  • Reading some information, usually aimed at a sale.

What will make the visitor stay on the page? The structure, language and visual appeal play a key part in this. Take a look at the tricks:

People come to your site in search of answer. They quickly scan the page to see if they are in the right place and that will decide whether a visit will be quick or long. Your Landing Page is similar to the entrance in a hotel hall, offering the information to guests that they need in the most simple and direct manner. The page structure is something crucial to get you captures the attention and encourages them to meet your goals (sales, registrations, etc).

The structure of the landing page has to be related with the banner, link or advertisement in such a way that visitor has to click there.

We must make strategic use of images and graphics to capture the attention of the visitor. It is recommended that you load the page without graphics as it distracts the visitor, no matter how modern and beautiful they are.

It is also important to emphasis on white space in certain parts of the page. Put the main message in the middle of the page, instead of putting the information on the sides, either in columns or modules.

Do not overwhelm page with too much filler text, the visitor expects a very specific message, not bogged down with tons of meaningless text.

Use a consistent color palette. If you have advertising or banners that link to your page, be sure to use the same range of colors. It’s a good visual indicator for the Visitors, and who thus can easily identify who are still in the right place and have not jumped to another page that has nothing to do with what they are looking for.

Simplify. Remove all distracting elements such as banners, links to other websites, or blocks of information unrelated to the main task of the landing page. Do not even think to put some adsense advertising block and thinking of getting money from advertising sales.

Before designing the landing page, you have to decide what the main objective is. If you’re looking for your newsletter subscribers, the aim is that visitors enter information in your contact form and thus become a member of your mailing list for further email marketing campaigns.

If you are looking to sell a product, the objective is that the visitor buys the product that you’re selling on the landing page, using all possible means.

By reducing the options to the maximum, you get to focus on your primary goal and not confuse anything.

A call to action as may be “subscribe now”, “book now” or “buy now” reminds the visitor why they are on your site. Place calls to action in the top of the page for those who want to click.

Also place another call to action in the middle and at the end of your page, this is for those who have not yet been decided.

No need to hire a professional to write the text of your landing page.

What is the best way to look? Create pages with no grammatical or spelling errors.

A very good landing page, with very good offers for sale, may be completely ruined if it contains spelling mistakes. You cannot imagine the bad feeling it produces to who reads it.

People are apprehensive when asked personal data. If you’re asking for personal information, make sure that you have a credible privacy policy.


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This guest post is written by Greg who has spent almost 2 years in sharing Pc tricks and lately he also started to write about Google Plus Tricks.

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  1. Grate points to make Landing page for the site. It is the most important factor to impress the visitors coming to the site,so they love to come here again and again.

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