What are the practical ways to make extra money in retirement?

The internet is awash with ‘ways to save money’ and ‘make money online’ ideas. Some of these ideas, such as building affiliate websites or creating an ebook are not always practical, especially if you are not technically minded. Often it is the older generation which fall into this category of being less technically savvy then their younger counterparts. This doesn’t make them any less inclined to want to make extra money though, it just means they have to find ways and means that suit them. Below we have listed some simple and practical ways that seniors can make a few extra dollars in retirement.

Sell your unwanted stuff…all of it!

How many of us have stuff piled up in our loft or garage that is too valuable to throw away but for one reason or another just doesn’t get used? Well the obvious answer is to sell it! A lot of the time unwanted stuff doesn’t get sold because we never get round to actually advertising it. In retirement you should have more time on your hands to finally go through everything you don’t need and then make arrangements to sell it. There are several ways to advertise your unwanted items, with eBay being one of the most popular. Start your listing at $0.01 with no reserve and see who bids on it, remember getting some money is better than nothing!

Dog Walking

You might be surprised to learn how many people pay to have their dog walked by a professional company everyday. As people are working an increasing number of hours each week, they simply to not have the time, energy or in some cases the inclination to walk their dog around the block each day. Offering dog walking services is perfect for seniors as not only can you earn extra money, it will also help you keep fit and healthy! Stick an ad in your local newspaper or on Craigslist and see who you can help out in your local area, your sure to find someone who needs a help with their doggie!

Get paid for looking after local kids and give Mom a night off

How many Mom’s and Dad’s in your local area would love a night off without the kids? Ill bet quite a few, which is where you could help them to have a night out enjoying themselves AND make a few extra dollars for yourself. Ask friends and family if they know any families where you could look after the kids for one night a week.

Rent out Rooms   

If you own kids have left home years ago and you have empty bedrooms then why not rent these out to travellers and tourists? Some people actually prefer this to a hotel or motel that can be monotonous or unwelcoming. You could even rent your whole house out when you go away yourself, providing extra security and money whilst you are away. There are now a number of useful websites where you can find more information about this.

Write a blog 

Being older you will doubt have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Why not put this to good financial use and start a blog. This costs nothing to start as you can choose free blog software such as WordPress and be up and running with your own blog in a matter of minutes. You will earn revenue via third party ads that you can place on your blog, and the more you write, the more you will earn! Some blogging ideas include an annuity blog, a finance blog or something more interesting! It’s up to you.

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