Where to get the best Craft Ideas on the Internet

Arts and crafts can bring much joy and is a great hobby for us all. It allows us to show off our creativity but sometimes we need a little inspiration from others to create our next masterpiece. The internet is full of so much information it can be difficult to know where to get inspiration and craft ideas from.  So to make your life a little easier, here is a list of where to get the best ideas from on the internet.

Pinterest is a great source to get craft ideas and is simple to get to grips with. Simply put a keyword in the search bar, be as broad or exact as you like and it will give you a range of pictures that may inspire you with a new craft idea. You can also click on the images source link under the image that will lead you to blogs and other websites. These usually lead to blogs where the blogger describes how they made it.

Craft blogs
There are many blogs on the internet that solely on arts and craft, along with a range of D.I.Y ideas. These blogs are full of tips and advice, how to’s and inspiration. Craft blogs are also a great place to speak to other people who enjoy arts and crafts, where you can discuss ideas, share tips and inspire each other.

Supplier websites
Arts and craft websites such as Artifolk are great for receiving inspiration. If you discover a new tool for your crafts such as acalligraparthyset, it may encourage a new type of craft that you haven’t thought of before. Check out the sub-sections of categories to discover things you might not of before. Buying new tools can be really exciting as it feels like you are beginning a new project, as well as learning something new.

There are many art and craft forums online including Crafts Forum. Here you can find similar personalities who are discussing craft ideas, how to improve certain techniques, where they have got their inspiration from in the past etc.

Infographic Archives
Infographic websites such as Visual.ly are ideal for getting inspiration for craft projects. They may give you tips, feature how to’s such as this one, or let you know about other useful information.

News websites
Sounds like a bit of an odd one but we can often be influenced from what we hear on the news and what is going on the world around us. For example, you may be influenced by a particular trend or maybe a new invention.

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