Why Immersive Telepresence Will Continue to Grow

Immersive telepresence is a catch-all term, describing a particular set of technologies which are designed to allow a person to feel as if they were present at a different location, often used in businesses to allow remote conferences, using microphones, webcams and the like.

It has, in recent years, gone from something seen only in futuristic television programmes such as Star Trek to being a viable alternative to traditional meetings, utilised by businesses worldwide. Immersive telepresence, also known by terms such as visual collaboration and virtual conferencing, offers unique advantages over older methods of video conferencing.

Here are the reasons as to its recent surge in popularity; reasons which will only serve to further enforce its continued growth.

Connect with Anyone, Anywhere

If your business – like more and more companies these days – is dispersed all over the world (or even just across the country), you can sometimes suffer difficulties when trying to gather a number of employees, colleagues or suppliers together in one place for an important meeting or conference.

By employing the use of immersive telepresence technology, communication can be successfully carried out between people with thousands of miles between them, instantly and effectively. As long as both parties have the necessary hardware and software, they can communicate effortlessly from wherever they both may be.

Less Travelling Means Lower Costs

In addition to the above point, the simple fact that you are now able to communicate with anyone instantaneously – whether they are just down the road or on the other side of the world – from the comfort of your office or meeting room, means that you no longer have to travel great distances to conduct your business.

Back in 2009, consumer product behemoth Procter & Gamble decided to install immersive telepresence at a number of their major offices. They soon reaped the rewards: within just 6 months, they had already eliminated roughly 6000 flights. 6000 flights, even when travelling economy class or with a budget airline, would cost a lot of money; the potential for savings is enormous.

The reduced need to travel, of course, has the added benefit of increasing your business’s productivity. Because you no longer need to spend so much time in getting to the place where you are due to talk, you can use that time more effectively, meaning you can get a greater amount of work done.

What You Need to Set up Immersive Telepresence

If you are looking to invest in immersive telepresence technology for your business, we would suggest going to an experienced provider such as Involve Visual, who are based in the UK. You will need a computer, as well as an internet connection. A high speed cable broadband connection would be preferable, as it would deliver the smoothest results, but it’s not entirely necessary.

You will of course need some means of discourse, so a webcam and a microphone are both required. As is some specialised immersive telepresence software; this facilitates the discussion.

You’ll need these components at each communication “destination” for the link-up to work, and for full immersion you should make sure the lighting and décor of each place matches up, though this is only necessary for those who are dedicated to the full effect.

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