Why Your Outdated Technology is Costing Your Business

It’s not easy to stay on the cutting edge of technology. With every device and piece of gear coming out with something new and improved almost every other month, keeping up with the Joneses has never been harder, and more expensive. Although it can be costly on the frontlines, the investment of updating your company’s technology is one that is definitely worth making. While we aren’t saying that you need to update every single piece of digital tech in your office all at once, it really is worth it to keep your most important pieces and most used technology up to date.

Below are a few ways that neglecting to update your company’s’ technology is costing your business.

What if Your Computers are Slow and Outdated?

We’ve all been there –you have work to finalize and your deadline is quickly approaching, and your computer is slowly loading and barely responding to your inputs. Nhs Direct Phobia is the clinical term for a fear of a painfully slow computer (yes, it’s a real thing), and it is a sentiment that is widely shared across people such as myself who need computers and devices running at optimal functioning speeds to make constant deadlines.

An outdated computer is a dangerous thing for your business because it means that all that time that your computer is taking just to look up and load a single document is being wasted, and all of those seconds add up to minutes, and those minutes add up to hours, and over the course of a single fiscal year, that adds up to a lot of missed revenue.

More than that, an outdated computer has a serious handicap –it cannot run the most up to date versions of programs that your clients have a need for, or even new and demanded for programs entirely. This gap in ability to perform is something that can cost your business huge sums over the years, and even cause you to drop out of the running as a viable client altogether. If you are trying to save cash by sticking with your slow, barely functioning and outdated computers, then it is worth it to take a closer look into how much money are you actually saving as compared to losing in the long term.

What About Your Phones and Communication Platforms?

How you communicate with your clientele is also a manner that can be a make or break for you as a business. Yes, landlines and internet cost money, as well as your cell phones and physical mail services, but when it comes to communications, this is no area to skimp on.

If you are a small company just starting to get off of the ground, then it is no shame to stick with your lines of communications being your cell phones. Many companies use their personal and mobile cell phones as direct lines of access for their clients –it adds a personal touch that official phone numbers with lengthy extension numbers just doesn’t provide. On top of that, your mobile phone comes with abilities and functions that enable you to run programs that help you stay in the loop with what’s going on back at the office.

If you are a larger company however, you should look into updated ways to streamline your methods of communications past the basic email. For complete mobility, look to use a phone technology such as a VoIP phone system, that can make you reachable and in the loop with your clients wherever you go. It offers your business the option of being mobile and out of the office while still being completely connected, which may seem like a minor advantage, but having office support while you’re out in the field can be a huge plus in the eyes of your clients. Your client gets a direct line that goes straight to the individual they seek, and you get to check you’re in office voicemail wherever you are. More than that, you have the option of video conferencing them wherever you are. These are just a few innovations and functions past the modern telephone that you as a business should take advantage of.

How Sleek is Your Website?

Your website is the face of your business for those who do not already know you. Meeting customers and clients face to face is a luxury that is awarded only to those who have made it past the first stage of weeding out, and that first phase is often decided by how up to date your business’s website is.

It seems trivial, but the condition of your website is probably the most important aspect of your business, and is often one facet that is ignored. This is the digital age, and it has been for quite some time now, so there is no longer any excuse for outdated, blocky, and basic webpages anymore. Sleek, interactive, and full of genuine content is what is expected – and anything less is prone to result in you being passed over. More so than that, be sure that your website is functional and accessible through mobile devices. A big turn off in the digital age is when a website is not user friendly for mobile devices.

Whether you are an e-commerce company in retail, a software as a service company (to which there really is no excuse for you to have an outdated website), or even an informational page for a restaurant downtown –keeping a website up to date that also looks current is going to bring your business and is an investment that is genuinely worth making.

Keeping your business up to date may look like a lot money going out that at first doesn’t seem totally necessary, but in the long run you will see that the more work and effort you put into keeping your business on the cutting edge, the more appealing you will be to your clients. It’s money well spent.

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